BACA creates contemporary tableware, handmade with love

The Belgian ceramicist Griet Vanhoutte did what many of us secretly dream of doing: she bid farewell to an office job and emigrated to the south of France with her family. More specifically to Dieulefit, a small picturesque town in the Drome Proven├žale, known for centuries for its ceramics. There she founded her ceramics brand, BACA. Today she partly lives and works in Dieulefit and in Ghent Belgium.

BACA is synonymous with contemporary, handmade and functional tableware. With its slightly irregular lines, speckles and soft colours, the brand combines the best of both worlds: Scandinavian style and Mediterranean ambience.

Griet uses traditional techniques to create contemporary design. The result is gentle and poetic, the collection is one of simple beauty. And good to know: all her designs are food-safe and dishwasher-friendly. 

Where to see the ceramics in real life

Studio and shop

in Dieulefit, France: 7 Rue du Bourg, 26220 Dieulefit

in Ghent, Belgium: by appointment

Stockists, Onderstraat 33, 9000 Gent

blommm, Waaistraat 4, 9000 Gent

huis Mortier, Lange Steenstraat 52, 9000 Gent, Kerkstraat 108, 9050 Gentbrugge


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